Fashion house "Elena Hristova" took part in the second edition of the folklore festival "Ethno - Bulgaria 18". On 01 June 2018 in the park Europe, Torreon de Ardos (Spain), in front of our fellow countrymen and guests of the holiday, 10 beautiful, bold and successful Bulgarian women turned into professional models. All of them defiled with a lot of mood, fighting spirit and pride! It was a really memorable experience with many new friendships and emotions! Thank you very much for the organizers who invited us to join and cooperate with us all the time! We love you until new meetings! 🙂 Keep up just like that!

Charity fashion show „Give a hand to children - gave future“

Fashion house "Elena Hristova" took part in a charity show for collecting funds for the special school for students with impaired hearing Prof. Dr. Decho Denev - Sofia. Titled "Give a hand to children - gave future" on 10 May at 18.30. In Raffy Bar & Gelato Pool, the cause was supported by the stars of Bulgarian cinema, theater and music scene, great Bulgarian athletes, European, world, Olympic medalists. The event was under the patronage of Mrs. Bulgaria Earth 2017, Tsvetelina Chorbanova. We are glad we helped again and we want more and more people to give their hands to the child

Starry participation at SOFIA FASHION WEEK

The first night of Sofia Fashion Week 2018 concluded with a modern look at the debut collection "Ethno Dream" of the designer Elena Hristova. The Fashion house's participation was onn the day of Bulgarian brands and designers.

The toilets decorated with hand-made embroidery, stylized elements and folk motives left a lasting memory in the audience's mind and received many applause. The Ethno clothes brought pride, strength, freedom, elegance and uniqueness to the audience.

"Miss Rousse 2018"

On March 15th, 2018 in the traditional competition for the prestigious crown of "Miss Rousse 2018", the 12 candidates defiled with dresses of fashion house "Elena Hristova". After a disputed battle, the jury awarded the first 3 places. One of them was the 17 year old winner of the PSEM "Elias Canetti" - Vesela Grigorova, which received our prize - to be the face of fashion brand "Dress Show". 5 respected ladies - one of the first professional models of Rousse, took part in the fashion show as well.

Fashion debut at Golden Needle 2018

On March 14, 2018 fashion house Elena Hristova took part in this year's edition of Golden Needle. On the podium, the young designer presented her modern look at the Bulgarian folk costume with her debut collection "Ethno Dream" inspired by folk art with handmade authentic embroidery, ornaments, stylized elements and folk motifs. Traditionally, every year the Academy of Fashion, headed by Prof. Lyubomir Stoykov, organizes the prestigious Golden Needle Fashion Awards. One of its highlights is the participation of young Bulgarian designers who have the opportunity to send their first fashion messages along with the established Bulgarian masters.


On February 24th, 2018 Fashion House "Elena Hristova" presented its first collection "Ethnic dream" in Dohodno Zdanie, Rousse. This happened on a specially organized "Fashion party", with an official dress code - black and white, where in the form of review were presented in total 31 models, divided in 3 themes- "Classic Ethno", "Business Ethno" and "Ethno summer". All of them received many applause from everyone present.


On February 17th, 2018 fashion house "Elena Hristova" took part in a fashion show-spectacle - "The Day after Tomorrow", which took place in Kaneff Center, Rousse. Future graduating seniors had the opportunity to experience a different vision for their prom. "Be individual with the boutique dresses and clothes with ethnic motifs on your prom or formal event in 2018, so you can be distinguished and remembered." - said the designer Elena Hristova to all attendees.


On January 13th, 2018 the russian citizens, residing in Rousse, honored the tradition of gathering for a new-year's party. Fashion house "Elena Hristova" participated in their festive program and contributed with a lot of mood, presenting its own first "Ethno dream" collection. The owner herself defiled on the starry event, receiving well-deserved applause for her creativity and messages, brought by her unique designs with folklore motifs.


On December 12th, 2017 in Rousse was held a charity review-cocktail, organized by the President of fashion house "Elit-D Models" - Diana Poptoneva and her association -  "Hearts without limits".

At her invitation and only a month after its establishment, fashion house "Elena Hristova" was delighted to be able to take part in this initiative and support the charity cause of the event, presenting its own collection of ladies' elegant clothes with folklore motifs.

"If you have given, you didn't live in vain!"


On November 11th, 2017 for the first time these 8 models defiled in front of an audience of 170 people on the 10-year anniversary of Animation house for child parties "Veselyatsite"! There is nothing better than seeing one more of your dreams turned from piece of paper into reality and on so dear and great holiday! Thanks to everyone who helped!