Fashion house
Elena Hristova


Fashion House „Elena Hristova" bears the name of her designer and offers ladies boutique dresses and clothing with folklore motifs. Individual and authentic models with which you can impress and conquer peaks!
Dressed in this way you are going to leave a lasting memory in the mind and imagination of everyone touched by you! You are definitely going to stand out! Undoubtedly, our ethnical clothes are going to bring feelings in you, namely: pride, strength, elegance, uniqueness and exclusiveness. You can trust our different style and design inspired by folk art! Be brave and memorable! Wear Bulgaria not only in your heart.

Fashion house „Elena Hristova“ offers all of its clients high standard of quality, engagement with individual orders and projects. Our products are made with a lot of love, in an ethical and responsible way, with special and precise attention to the details. All our clothes are decorated with handmade authentic embroideries, symbolizing stylized elements and ornaments of the Bulgarian folk costume, combined with elegance, sophistication and craftsmanship.

The „DRESS-SHOW" label is part of fashion house "Elena Hristova" and it offers thorough organization of fashion shows, events and spectacles. It prepares individual scenarios and decorations for every clip, advertisement, event or occasion(including but not limited to folklore theme). It is involved in making designer artistic clothing for the stage of your size and desire. Always be unmatched in terms of styling!