March 3, 2021

Fashion show "Together again" 2021

Fashion House "Elena Hristova"

Fashion House „Elena Hristova" bears the name of her designer and offers ladies boutique dresses and clothing with folklore motifs. Individual and authentic models with which you can impress and conquer peaks...
The „DRESS-SHOW" label is part of fashion house "Elena Hristova" and it offers thorough organization of fashion shows, events and spectacles...

I do not produce ordinary and plain clothes, I create boutique, exclusive and unique designs!
My clothes inspire and make dreams come true, they bring joy and happiness, gather the eyes and do not go unnoticed!

What do we sell?

Fashion house "Elena Hristova" offers ladies' boutique dresses and clothes with folk motifs. Individual and authentic models, with which you can impress and conquer peaks!
All our products are made with much desire and love. They are decorated with handmade authentic embroidery, symbolizing stylized elements and ornaments from the Bulgarian folk costume. Contributing to the overall vision are the accessories - buckwheats and beautiful flowers in the hair.